New England String Quartet Composers Competition

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1) The competition is open to composers of all nationalities, with no age restrictions.

2) The compositions submitted for the competition must use the string quartet instruments (Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, and Cello), and may not involve any form of electronic or pre-recorded sounds.

3) The compositions must be between 10 and 45 minutes in length. Only complete works will be considered. Single and multi-movement works are accepted.

4) Each entry must be original music written by the composer, and only one entry per composer is allowed.

5) The submitted compositions must not have been professionally performed, published, or recorded for commercial CD release.

5) Each composer must submit a legible score and one set of parts of professional quality. Each score must be labeled with a pseudonym. No marks identifying the composer must appear anywhere on the score.

6) MIDI realizations or audio recordings of the submitted works are optional, but strongly encouraged. They may be submitted on a CD. Each CD containing MIDI or audio recording must be labeled with a pseudonym. No marks identifying the composer must appear anywhere on the CD.

7) Each submission must be accompanied by an envelope labeled with the composer’s pseudonym. Inside the envelope there must be the completed application form identifying the composer.

8) Composers wishing to have their submissions returned must enclose a self-addressed envelope with the correct US postage.

9) Copyright to all works remains with their authors. By submitting their works, however, the composers grant to the New England String Quartet the right to release, promote, and distribute an audio CD and its digital version containing the recording of the winner’s composition.

10) The New England String Quartet reserves the right not to announce a winner if the entry requirements are not met.