Allusions (2013) - Navona Records

New England String Quartet discographyALLUSIONS, an album of evocative chamber works, showcases the expressive and interpretive abilities of contemporary composition and features works by Christopher Dietz, Kjell Magne Andersen, Sarah Wallin Huff, Timothy Edwards, and Vera Ivanova.

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Legends: Fantasy Violin (2013)

Legends Fantasy ViolinCollection of 11 original compositions by NESQ's violinist Julia Okrusko. Inspired by Julia's performances of movie and video game music, "Legends" presents a unique blend of fantasy and cinematic symphonic styles featuring solo violin, full orchestra and choir.

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Perceptions (2013) - Navona Records

New England String Quartet discographyMusic by Kyle Peter Rotolo, Quinn Dizon, Amelia S. Kaplan, Kevin McCarter, Jason Barabba, and Thomas L. Read. The works in PERCEPTIONS present us with the revealing perspectives of their composers as told through small ensembles.

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Quadrants (2012) - Navona Records

New England String Quartet discographyA collection of modern string quartets that meld the old with the new, combining traditional forms with contemporary influences to present expressive, emotional works that both make and break the mold.

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